What's Here?

This is my "attic" of technical notes. A tech note typically comes into being when I try to solve a problem and find myself spending considerable time to hunt down the right answer by sifting through the vastness of the Web. The essence of what I find occasionally condenses into a tech note for the purpose of being shared here. All information is provided "as-is" (I appreciate corrections of errors). Some information may be outdated.

Technical Notes

  1. Volker Roth.
    Running OpenBSD off a USB Stick.
    Technical Note 1, February 2007.
    USB sticks with a capacity of 512MB or more are becoming cheap. OpenBSD can run off such a USB stick and operate nicely without a hard drive. This is very useful to build VoIP or firewall appliances. We describe essential configuration steps of such a setup.
  2. Volker Roth.
    Setting Cisco 7905G Phones up With Asterisk.
    Technical Note 2, February 2007.
    Asterisk is a software PBX and Cisco produces SIP phones which can be configured to work with Asterisk. In this technote, we describe what steps must be taken to configure a Cisco 7905G phone for the Asterisk PBX. The process should be similar with other phones, particularly Cisco ones.
  3. Volker Roth.
    Bootstrapping Native iPhone Application Development.
    Technical Note 4, November 2007.
    We cover toolchain installation via MacPorts, remote syslog configuration, Makefile setup and application development for the iPhone on a Mac OS X platform.